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oiler Tune UP Print E-mail
Tuesday, 13 December 2011 21:51


Do you know the meaning of " Boiler Tune Up"?

Do you know the meaning of " Boiler Tune Up"?

Just as your car needs tune-ups to keep it in good running order, your furnace or boiler needs periodic tune-ups to keep it in tip-top running shape. A regular maintenance program for your heating equipment is relatively inexpensive and can pay dividends in energy savings and increased equipment life.

Regular maintenance suggested by your heating service contractor will benefit you in several ways. Well-tuned equipment will save you energy dollars, provide increased comfort, and extend the life of your heating system. Keep in mind that proper and professional cleaning and adjustments will save you money and protect your equipment investment.

While there are obvious differences in the design and operation of gas boilers and furnaces, and therefore in the maintenance provided, the following measures are those which should be included in a routine tune-up procedure:

1. Clean burners, combustion chamber, and heat exchange surfaces.
2. Check color of flame: the proper color is blue; a yellow indicates that the gas is not burning properly and the equipment should be adjusted by a professional.
3. Check fan belts and blowers.
4. Check safety controls.
5. Check thermostat operation.
6. Check thermocouple and pilot light assembly. (if applicable)
7. Check for proper venting.
8. Inspect and replace filters.
9. Lubricate all motors.
10. Perform a combustion efficiency test.

The following combustion efficiency test results are considered acceptable for gas heating systems after a tune-up has been performed. If combustion efficiency test results are not within acceptable parameters, then the maintenance contractor should document the heating system's deficiencies.

* Combustion Efficiency

Smoke 0
Net Stack Temperature 300 to 500 F
Carbon Dioxide 8 to 10%
Oxygen 5 to 7%
Combustion Efficiency 71 to 82% (or higher)

Spark Ignition

If your heating unit has a standing pilot (i.e., the pilot is always on during the heating season), consider installing an electronic or mechanical ignition system. This system saves up to 5% of the heating energy by eliminating the standing pilot. When the thermostat calls for heat, the pilot is ignited by an electronic or mechanical spark, and then ignites the burners. Once the burners are ignited, the pilot shuts off.

Many new systems use a ceramic "hot surface igniter" which eliminate the pilot altogether. The igniter is energized electrically and quickly attains a very high temperature. When the gas valve opens, the gas is ignited by coming into contact with the hot surface igniter.

Replacing Your Gas Heating System

Replacing your old heating system is sometimes the most cost-effective option. An older heating system can have an annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) of as little as 50%, whereas new energy efficient condensing and pulse furnaces can achieve AFUEs as high as 97%. Equipment and fuel costs should always be considered to determine if equipment replacement is a cost-effective measure.

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