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New Government Rebate in Ontario

You can receive up to $650 incentive when you participate in the Heating & cooling Incentive program.




We have the newest Government Rebate Information, which is very useful for every household. We are a fast growth home comfort company which is focus on Toronto and GTA region.  We are specializing in the installation and service of heating, cooling and ventilation system with our own licensed, insured and bonded expert teams. Family With high moral and ethical values, Highly trained specialist, Ongoing training to assure your complete satisfaction, Service technicians are licensed and insured, Customer service department available to serve your individual needs. ProtectionWe specialize in residential & commercial comfort systems, we protect your home before, during, and after installation. Work site cleaned to customer satisfaction before completion. We are fully licensed and insured for your protection.


Furnace Tune Up Print E-mail
Tuesday, 13 December 2011 21:49


Do you know the meaning of " Furnace Tune Up" ?

Do you know the meaning of " Furnace Tune Up" ?

Unexpected problems or breakdowns are the last thing you want. Our 35 point Tune-up Basic helps to keep your furnace operating safely and efficiently. Just like your car, your furnace requires an annual tune-up or it will not last and you will be forced to replace it, which usually happens st the coldest, most expensive tiem of year. Unlike others all our service mechanics are fully qualified and licensed T.S.S.A** Gas Technicians. Our customer deserve the best when it comes to home comfort and safety. Call us today for an appointment.

We will arrive promptly and:

1. Introduction and explanation of service, giving business cards and pamphlets.
2. Inspect overall condition of furnace.
3. Check supply voltage.
4. Inspect piping to furnace.
5. Check condition and operation of thermostat and anticipator.
6. Check operation of safety controls.
7. Check all wiring for cracks or loose connections clean and tighten.
8. Check firing rate and adjust as required.
9. Check operation of ventor motor, clean and lubricate.
10. Check temperature rise.
11. Check Fan Limit operation, verify and adjust.
12. Check High Limit operation, verify and adjust.
13. Clean burners.
14. Vacuum clean heat exchanger.
15. Inspect heat exchanger.
16. Clean pilot.
17. Check pilot safety system.
18. Check gas valve pressures and adjust if required.
19. Check amperage of motor.
20. Check capacitor.
21. Remove and clean blower assembly.
22. Remove and clean motor.
23. Lubricate blower fan, motor and bearings.
24. Check condition, tension and alignment of fan belt and adjust if necessary.
25. Remove debris from chimney clean-out.
26. Visually inspect chimney and venting system.
27. Clean 1" air filter and reinstall.
28. Instruct customer on filter maintenance.
29. Check ambient air for Carbon Monoxide.
30. Wipe down furnace.
31. Check water heater.
32. Check humidifier.
33. Record equipment make, model and serial number.
34. Visually inspect ductwork.
35. Leave and discuss checklist with customer.

On High Efficiency furnaces we will also:

1. Check pressure switches.
2. Check ventor blower.
3. Check condition of horizontal vented systems including intake and exhaust.
4. Check condition of condensate system, clean and flush lines if needed.
5. Check spark ignition.
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